Friday, February 27, 2009

strategy implementation
Allocation and management of sufficient resources (financial, personnel, time, technology support)
Option is everywhere in stock picking activity, but we must understand that when making choice sometimes we make mistakes that can cause the failure. Everyone have the ability in making business and have the opportunity to succeed in the business arena. We all know that sometimes the small mistakes can make a big effect in stock business activity.
Establishing a chain of command or some alternative structure (such as cross functional teams)
Assigning responsibility of specific tasks or processes to specific individuals or groups

Stock movement activity

In the stock trading activity we must understand everything can happen to us especially when the stock is in high risk trading activity. When we make movement in stock trading activity we must make an analysis with the proper way to make sure our action is in the right way.
To be familiar with risk that involved in stock trading activity we must research the useful information from the social activity and information from the book or information technology.

Be aware of risk

When we are in stock trading activity we must be aware of risk that involved in. Once we are in stock trading, we must make the right movement. Without it, sometimes we can burn our money in the large amount because the risk that can effect our trading activity. This sensitive action must get good responsive from us. We must realize that risk is cannot be turn out from stock trading activity, we must face it. When we make smart movement from it we can make a large profit from this business activity actually.

When we get chance to know the opportunity to get profit, we must realize that sometimes that thing is not true, and because of that we must be aware of the analysis that we make. Our movement must be done correctly to get the best result in stock business activity.

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