Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Video that inspire me

This Video Inspire Me

Selepas meminta kebenaran dari pencipta video ni untuk embed video ni dalam blog saya. Beliau reply :
I initially made this video for friends and family as a request for their support of CF as I ran the 2009 Boston Marathon. I hoped for 5000 views. I now realize that it may help others which is extremely humbling and overwhelming. Please feel free to re-post/embed it. If it helps just one person, it has served it's new purpose. Thank you.
Roger :)
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Muttallif said...

From Video I learned

1. To changed you should have objective.
2. Then Focus!
3. Build Strategies.
4. Execute it!
5. Keep consistant and discipline!

True inspiring video to see that guy changed his life!! Truely inspiring.

Nice Vid.

Woofer Storm said...

sharing is caring..hehheee